Prom & Graduation Planning

Prom is an important event that marks students’ transition into adult life. Because the prom celebrates a success and the beginning of a new era, a good organization is needed. Agence 4 Saisons offers you the opportunity to make it a magical and unforgettable moment.

The organization of a prom: step by step

The organizing committee

A student committee chaired by a few faculty members is usually in charge of organizing a prom. To stay focused on the last line of your secondary studies, you can request the services of Agence 4 Saisons for a celebration orchestrated in the rules.

Entrust us your expectations, we will materialize your desires. We can take care of the different aspects of your prom, namely the decor and animation.


Preparations must start at least six months in advance. One of the first things to do is to define your expectations. How do you imagine your prom? A brainstorming between graduates will allow you to get several ideas. Vote for the best of them. You can then move on. Then choose a theme that will define the mood of the evening. Then there is the place of the reception. Choose a room both beautiful and spacious where you can create the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening. All these elements will allow you to go to the next step, just as important: the budget.

Set the budget

Once you have a clear idea of the type of party you want to organize, you can move on to setting up the budget. We also help you during this process.

As a first step, make an estimate of the amount you can reap through the sale of tickets to your prom. Then make an estimate of the different expenses. More specifically, you can define the amount you can allocate to the organization of your event.

Dans un premier temps, faites une évaluation du montant que vous pourrez récolter grâce à la vente des billets d’entrée à votre bal de promo. Faites ensuite une estimation des différentes dépenses. Plus précisément, vous pourrez définir le montant que vous pouvez allouer à l’organisation de votre événement.

A complete service for a successful event

Agence 4 Saisons offers various services for a successful organization of your events. Whether for the wedding organization or for your prom, we intervene at different levels: the audiovisual rental, the animation, the sound system or the photographer and videographer … We put our know-how and our experience at your disposal. service.

Because the organization of a graduation ball is a complicated and time-consuming task, we offer a turnkey service. We accompany you throughout your preparations to ensure the success of your party while relieving you of many constraints.

The animation of your evening

A good animation is the guarantee of the success of your prom. It is important that the crowd be entertained until the end of the night. Specialists in the field must take care of the visual and sound atmosphere during the evening.

You must put your eyes and ears! Whether you want a glamorous party or a blazing party, your celebration will only be grand if you turn to professionals. The ball must be memorable.
Our experienced and talented animators will bring a touch of magic to your evening. Musicians, singers, choreographers and dancers will compose an irresistible mood.

A festive decor

Animation is essential. The decor too. We can customize the reception area according to your needs and preferences. Choose from our themes to liven up your evening. Retro, modern or classic. Everything depends on you. Decorations, plays of light … Each element is specially studied to create a superb party decoration.

Taking pictures

We put at your disposal professional photographers. We propose to immortalize each entry through a photobooth.

Video memories

You can also take advantage of a professional videographer to create living memories of your prom. A giant screen can be installed to broadcast different types of videos: retrospectives, memories or simply real-time captures.

"BAL CONCEPT" package

For this package, we put at your disposal a moderator, a DJ and a sound system adapted for 200 guests. This package also includes special effects such as a smoke machine or lasers. Not to mention the Plexiglas DJ Booth which lights up in a color that will be chosen by you.

Starting from $ 1495.


This package includes a sound system adapted for about 350 guests. With this formula, enjoy nightclub effects, for an atmosphere worthy of a trendy nightclub. In addition, you are entitled to one of the following options: bubble wall, giant screen that displays videos of the VJ, lighting bridges in addition to a DJ Show on touch screen (46 inches).

Of course, the packages can be customized and modified according to your wishes and your budget.