Wedding Planning

Preparing for a wedding is a heavy organizational task. Many aspects of this celebration must be orchestrated. The decoration, the venue, the music, the animation, the ceremony … It takes several months for the party to be a success. Agence 4 Saisons supports all important aspects in your wedding organization. Just like the prom organization, nothing should be left to chance. And there is nothing like a professional to make your dream day come true.

The organization

Once the date is set, you no longer have a moment to lose. You can contact Agence 4 Saisons right from the start, to orchestrate every detail. A team of professionals experienced in the art of organizing a wedding accompanies you until D-Day. We advise and guide you, our wish being to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.
Together, we define the terms of our collaboration, our goal is to satisfy you. Here are some important elements discussed at the outset:

  • The planned budget;
  • The planning of the organization of the marriage;
  • The selection of the reception room;
  • The selection of providers that come into play in the wedding: caterers, decorators, animators, musicians …

Availability, creativity and listening are our key words to better support you in your organization. We take away binding tasks, allowing you to focus entirely on your happiness. Our professional team takes care of all aspects of your day.

The decoration

Our decorator personalizes the place of reception taking into account your requirements and preferences. Colors, materials, lights … Your requests serve as a guide in creating a memorable setting that will be the scene of your commitment to life. The choice of the theme and the definition of the dominant colors of the party are left to your full appreciation.
Various essential elements are taken into account, including:

  • Flowers ;
  • Table decorations;
  • The room plan;
  • The desired atmosphere.
  • Etc.

In any case, it must be emphasized that you remain the only architects of your party. We are the executors of a masterpiece that will be the fruit of your inspirations.


Whatever theme you have chosen for your wedding (classic, original, bohemian, country, romantic …), the animation is the guarantee of the success of the party.
Our experienced animators take care of everything about the atmosphere: music, lighting, entertainment. Once again, you decide on the program of the festivities.
They intervene at different levels so that the wedding animation is a true success. They will be able to talk, propose a funny interlude, sing or dance to plunge you into an atmosphere of madness. Here are different times when they are brought in:

  • The choreography of the bride and groom;
  • The choreography of the guests;
  • The cocktail
  • Background music;
  • Champagne ;
  • The wedding cake;
  • The games of light.
  • Etc.

To accompany you in the animation, Agence 4 Saisons offers an audiovisual rental service such as light games or smoke.

The photographer and wedding videographer

To create beautiful memories and make your wedding memorable, photographers and videographers are available within the agency. These professionals will be able to develop photobooth to personalize your photos, for example.
They will then be present throughout the celebration to immortalize your moments of happiness. A photo album, montages of images or a video. These are all memories that will be given to you in the aftermath of the festivities.

The sound system

This is essential for the smooth running of your event and to ensure a good party atmosphere. The music broadcast will be chosen together. You will tell us your favorite musical styles as well as your favorite artists. We can also submit some suggestions.
Agence 4 Saisons offers a high-end sound service for your wedding. You have the choice between:

  • The musical animation
  • A professional DJ / VJ to liven up the evening

We invite you to choose among our musical groups that offer sometimes classic services, sometimes original. Between the voice guitar duo, the musical, the modern DJ and the music in the light, you are sure to compose a glowing atmosphere for your wedding party.

The caterer

The banquet will undoubtedly delight your guests. Make sure they enjoy a real treat. We offer you a professional catering service with several options available:

  • Welcome drinks ;
  • Buffet / table service;
  • A complete menu: hot and cold meal, main course, dessert;
  • Candy table;
  • Cake table.
  • Etc.

The budget

Each couple has their own budget. Because everyone is entitled to a beautiful wedding, we offer different packages to adjust according to your requirements and possibilities. We can adjust our offers according to your wishes.
In any case, establishing a list of needs is essential and allows you to have a little idea of the amount you need before you start:

  • The preparations: the announcement, the wedding rings, the photographer;
  • Wedding attire: the costume / wedding dress, accessories (jewelry, shoes, bag …), hairstyle;
  • The reception room;
  • The trainer ;The decoration ;
  • The animation;
  • The cake ;
  • Gifts ;
  • The honeymoon.

Do not hesitate to ask our prices for the organization of a wedding so that you can prepare yourself well.

Organizing a wedding is an art. It requires considerable time and good job management. Agence 4 Saisons gives you the benefit of professional services, intervening from the conception until the realization of the different details: organization wedding evening, animation of the wedding, audiovisual rental, photographer and videographer marriage and many others. Take advantage of our personalized offers and prepare your big day with confidence.