Photographer and wedding videographer

The wedding organization, like a prom dance organization, requires the intervention of professionals. Different providers will then intervene to ensure the smooth running of your event. In order to engrave the highlights of the celebration, the presence of a wedding photographer and videographer is essential. Agence 4 Saisons directs you to professionals who will capture the essence of your memorable day.

The role of the photographer and wedding videographer

The wedding photographer and videographer plays a leading role during the wedding. This one will be present before, during and after the ceremony to offer you unforgettable memories of an event that will transform your life forever.

Agence 4 Saisons has selected talented photographers and wedding videographers who will put their creativity at your service. Because your memories are important, each service is personalized.
Well before D-Day, you meet the photographer who will cover the wedding. This first contact is essential to express your expectations. This professional is attentive to your needs and will make every effort to materialize your desires.

In addition to discussing your preferences, you will also discuss the program of the day. The photographer will ensure that all the highlights of the party are well captured. In the end, it will create a real story in photos that will allow you to relive again and again this very special day in the future.

Photos rich of meaning

Different objects and accessories related to the wedding can be photographed and / or filmed. Most often, they are staged to compose a cliché rich in memories.

  • The home of everyone;
  • The church;
  • The cocktail venue;
  • The place of the evening;
  • The decorations ;
  • Etc.


The photographer, usually assisted by one or more assistants, does not miss anything of the event. Every second is immortalized, making it possible to create afterwards a complete album which retraces every moment of the marriage.

In a general way, he takes spontaneous photos, without pose. This allows you to obtain living pictures that retrace every emotion felt throughout an unforgettable day.
Photo sessions will also punctuate the day or the evening, the time to make portraits and group photos. The bride, the groom, the couple, the friends, the family, nothing will escape the objective of the photographer.

Significant milestones must be present in the photos and videos, so the photo session program is already established in advance with your wedding photographer and videographer.
Here are some examples of key moments:

  • The arrival of the bride in the church;
  • Steps towards the altar;
  • The exchange of alliances;
  • The wishes ;
  • The kiss ;
  • The exit of the church;
  • The first dance;
  • The wine of honor
  • Bouquet throwing;
  • Etc.

Before the wedding

Photo and / or video sessions can be done before the wedding. At that moment everything is allowed. You can let go before D-Day. Especially since the wedding ceremony is often governed by various codes, in this case at the level of clothing or the theme of the party. Moreover, the celebration is inevitably tinged with seriousness.

During the pre-wedding photo shoot, there is no restriction on your look and attitude. On the contrary, you can let go. Your outfits may be in sync with the frame, but there are no specific rules.

You can wear:

  • A sports outfit ;
  • City clothes;
  • A ceremonial costume;
  • Fancy clothes according to the inspiration of the moment;
  • All that makes the fiancé happy …

These photos (and videos) allow photographers and videographers to get to know you better. On your side, you will be able to become familiar with the objective knowing that the photos are even more beautiful when you are natural.
It is also an opportunity to highlight your love and your journey. The pre-wedding photo shoot can evoke your meeting, the key moments of your story, your tastes, your desires, your future prospects.

More importantly, it’s an opportunity to relax a little and release the pressure, the time of a session that is usually organized a few days with the fateful date.

D-Day: Preparations

During the preparations, many feelings are expressed, such as the stress of future spouses, pride of parents, joy, impatience … The photographer and the videographer capture these moments full of emotions.

In addition to the different people who participate in these moments, some important details will also be photographed, in this case:

  • Makeup ;
  • The hairstyle ;
  • Threading the dress;
  • Departure ;
  • Etc.

Once again, the program established in advance will fix the different elements that should be photographed in particular.


The wedding ceremony is marked by your commitment to life, this promise that binds you forever, against all odds. You exchange your wishes in front of the people who are dear to you.
Every minute counts. Upon entering the town hall or church, the photographer is on the lookout. It does not fail to take a picture of the bride and groom who discover themselves for the first time in their respective costumes.

He shows anticipation and responsiveness to compose the best shots. It captures your smiles, your looks, without forgetting your accomplices gestures. The photos are taken on the spot.
The moments when you declare your love and your desire to share your destiny with the chosen one will be photographed and filmed, the accent being put on the words that you pronounce, the happiness that radiates your faces, your hands touching each other and the joy that fills the whole assembly.

Your wedding is beautifully closed by an evening during which you celebrate your new departure surrounded by your loved ones. The photographer captures this holiday in every detail. The decor, the joy, the meal, the guests, the family, nothing escapes his informed eye.

After the wedding

After the wedding, there is also the honeymoon. Depending on your budget, the photographer can accompany you during your honeymoon, for dreamy photos in the paradisiac setting that you have chosen to live your first moments as a “husband and wife”.

Custom offers

The professional photographer can cover all or part of the festivities around your wedding. Everything depends on your desires and your possibilities. Offers can be customized as appropriate. Most of the time, the professionals offer including hourly packages. 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours. You can even ask your photographer and videographer for several days. Here are some examples of packages:

  • Ceremony only;
  • Ceremony until cocktail or cake;
  • Preparations and ceremonies;
  • Preparations until cocktails or cake;
  • Preparations until the first dance or the last dance.

In the end, the price of the wedding photographer depends on the offer you want to enjoy.

Wedding souvenirs

Beyond the photographs and the video proper, your photographer can also take care of making various wedding souvenirs. You can ask for one or more photos to be framed. Also ask this professional to create your thank you cards. These can be embellished with one or more photos (in editing) accompanied by a text of recognition.

On your wedding day, the photographer captures moments and emotions, allowing you to relive that landmark event in your story. This professional immortalizes every moment of happiness. Yours and your guests. To make the most of your special day, entrust the organization of your event to Agence 4 Saisons. In addition to your wedding photographer in Montreal, the agency offers many essential services such as audiovisual rentals.