Wedding and event DJ

The musical entertainment is an essential element of any evening. Whether it’s a graduation party, a wedding or a private or corporate event, the atmosphere brought by the music contributes to the success of your celebration. This aspect of your party can be supported by a DJ (Disc-jockey) who is a master in the art of arranging music to compose a flaming atmosphere throughout the night. With Agence 4 Saisons, you entrust this aspect of your evening to an event specialist who will make the effort to concoct an unforgettable musical entertainment.

The importance of musical entertainment

The musical entertainment provided by a DJ is essential for the success of your evening or your wedding. It shapes the atmosphere of your party and allows your guests to keep lasting memories of this evening.

The DJ makes sure to vary the musical genres for a party always burning until dawn. In any case, the musical programming is decided together. With the DJ in charge of the wedding animation or any other party, you can select the titles you prefer. This animation specialist will also make suggestions and direct you to the best playlists.


Everything is done so that all guests can have a good time. They must be able to relax and escape, but also to party and dance. A DJ for wedding and evening has the know-how and the experience necessary to fill all the present generations. It will wisely alternate music climates always taking into account your desires. Microphone interventions are also planned to intensify some moments of the evening.

Moreover, if you wish, you can also integrate games for wedding or for your team of collaborators in your programming. With the team of Agence 4 Saisons, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere for your celebration.

A DJ to liven up your evening

For a wedding animation or any other milestone event, the DJ is a professional who will keep your guests in suspense until the end. You can also use the mobile disco as in the 80s, for a retro evening. A complete team is at your disposal for a unique and authentic animation. Our mission is to give you complete satisfaction, the animators call on complete equipment to make dance your guests on songs of yesterday and today.

You benefit from the skills of a talented and especially versatile DJ who adapts the musical programming according to your preferences. Whether it’s a corporate party, a birthday party or a wedding, we bring a unique value to your party.

As event professionals, our role is to receive, understand and anticipate all your requests and create for you an event that suits you. The programmed music is the one that is best suited to your personality and your desires. On D-Day, a DJ and a master of ceremonies work together to create an atmosphere that will mark the spirits.

Professional equipment

For the animation of your wedding or other private party, our team comes with all its professional equipment. In addition to the inevitable platinum and mixer where the DJ will literally play with music to create an atmosphere of madness, other equipment may be essential.

Today, in the era of modernity, music can be enhanced and intensified with visual and bright effects. To make this possible, the DJ or VJ also has a screen and various devices such as flashing ramps or LED lights. Added to this is the must-have disco ball or the smoke that magnifies the atmosphere.

In all cases, the implementation is done in advance. In this way, the facilitator and his team can perform tests and tests, ensuring that everything goes perfectly on the day. Note that a technical team is available to ensure that the preparations as well that the party itself unfolds without a hitch.

How is the animation of your evening organized?

Above all, it must be emphasized that you remain the conductor of your party. You entrust to us all your desires that we will be happy to materialize. Nothing is left to chance.

The animation starts even before your guests are installed. While they take place, the music team broadcasts skilfully chosen pieces. In general, the atmosphere is rather sweet, the time that everyone takes a chair and settles comfortably. It is important that everyone feels comfortable. The guests must already realize that they will have a great time. Depending on your preferences, different musical styles can be put forward: classical, jazz or even house music. Note that the volume is voluntarily set in the low range to not stun guests before time.

Whether it’s a wedding or another event, the opening of the evening is essential and sets the tone for the rest of the party. Then comes the actual animation during which the genres will be alternated without any dead time. The programming is obviously planned in advance, taking into account the unfolding of the reception knowing that there are inevitably specific moments where will be played a special music.

Are you preparing a party soon? Private or professional? Entrust your organization to Agence 4 Saisons, an event agency experienced in the art of organizing parties. We can take care of all the organization from A to Z and we offer for example a unique audiovisual rental service. You can also call on our photographer and wedding videographer to immortalize the highlights of your day and your event.