Audiovisual Equipment Rental

Audiovisual equipment undeniably contributes to the success of an event. Various materials and techniques are then used to broadcast sounds and images to bring a touch of originality to your celebration. Agence 4 Saisons offers audiovisual rental services in Montreal to personalize your party and offer your guests the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience.

Rental of a screen and a projector

The screen and the projector play a central role in audiovisual broadcasts during a celebration

Be it the wedding or a family event, the organization of a prom or the organization a corporate event. They allow the diffusion of a video in direct link with the event. It can be a professional presentation or just a private movie that tells a special story. The screen also allows you to broadcast the highlights of the party in real time.

Rental of an LED wall

There are two main models. There is the LED wall that acts as a giant screen inside or outside allowing to broadcast videos, live or not.

On the other hand, there is one that serves as stage scenery. It emits thousands of colors by reacting to the rhythm of the music.

Rental of a sound system

A good sound indisputably contributes to the success of a party. Indeed, the equipment is used for entertainment and for background music. The specificities of the equipment must take into account the size of the reception room and the number of guests.

Essential equipment includes sound, monitors, microphones, amplifiers, not to mention musical instruments and loudspeakers. All depending on the needs of the organizer.

Lighting rental

Lighting creates the mood of your party and transports your guests to a bright world. The Agence 4 Saisons is renting various lighting effects, making you enjoy a myriad of lighting effects, according to your desires.

The lighting is divided into two categories: the one that illuminates the scene and the one that sets the dancefloor on fire. It is also an element of decor more and more used allowing an opening to the creation which often sets a company apart from another.

It is also an element of decor more and more used allowing an opening to the creation which often sets a company apart from another.

A technical team at your disposal

The management of audiovisual effects requires the intervention of professionals in the field. Agence 4 Saisons puts at your disposal a technical team which takes care of all the audio-visual aspects. Technicians act at different levels: sound, lighting or video broadcasting.

It also ensures the proper functioning of electricity. They can collaborate with a wedding photographer and videographer to personalize the visual effects